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Lucinda Sykes, M.D.
Lucinda Sykes, M.D is a medical doctor and psychotherapist in Toronto, Canada. Her own health has benefited from 25 years of meditation and yoga. 

Lucinda Sykes

Dr. Sykes qualified in medicine at the University of Toronto, and began practicing family medicine in 1979. She has since developed a special interest in psychotherapy. For 10 years she studied the psychology of C. G. Jung with Jungian analysts, Marion Woodman and Fraser Boa. She continues to study qigong (traditional Chinese meditative movement) with Prof. P.Y. Shen in Toronto. Today, Dr. Sykes directs Toronto’s Meditation for Health clinic. She established the clinic in 1997.

During 30 years of medical practice, Dr. Sykes has seen that stress-related illness is common but that few patients know of options other than medication. She developed the Meditation for Health program to give patients the practical health information that they need for insight and purposeful change. The program combines this health education with instruction in meditation & mindful awareness -- ancient practices that help people cope with stress and uncertainty.


Meditation for Health
Meditation for Health is a community-based medical clinic in Toronto, Canada. Since 1997, we’ve taught group programs modeled on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).  Patients are referred to us by their doctor to learn self-help treatment for stress-related illness. Insomnia is one of our patients’ most frequent symptoms. 


sleep meditation cd
  • a self-help CD for people who have trouble sleeping
  • easy to follow even if you’ve never meditated before
  • helps occasional and chronic sleeplessness
  • listen to a sample audio clip

CAUTION:“Self Help for Insomnia” is an educational site about adult insomnia & sleep deprivation. This site is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. The site provides general information that might not apply to your particular sleep problem.

If you have chronic trouble sleeping, talk to your doctor. Discuss this site’s information & CD with your doctor to decide what’s appropriate for you.

Be sure to read Chapter 2: Sleep Disorders & Other Medical Causes of Lack of Sleep.

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