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Our medical clinic sponsors this self-help website for people with insomnia & sleep deprivation.

About Us
Background information about Lucinda Sykes, M.D. and the Meditation for Health clinic in Toronto, Canada.

Sleep Meditation CD
Describes our clinic’s self-help CD of easy guided meditation for sleeplessness & stress.

How To Purchase
How people who can’t sleep can purchase our self-help workbook & CD.

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Chapter Selection
Lists the chapters of our workbook, Better Sleep Tips, including the first 7 chapters that are available free at this site.

Chapter 1
Introduces the self-help method to cure insomnia by finding & treating insomnia’s cause.

Chapter 2
Explains the doctor’s role to diagnose & treat sleep disorders & the other medical causes of insomnia -- describes self-help for sleep disorders.

Chapter 3
Describes how insomnia treatment usually begins with sleep hygiene advice & a sleep diary.

Chapter 4
Offers general information about pharmaceutical and natural sleep aids & remedies.

Chapter 5
Lists factors of diet & drink that cause trouble sleeping.

Chapter 6
Explains other substances that cause sleep problems.

Chapter 7
Describes how to increase physical activity to get better sleep.

sleep meditation cd
  • a self-help CD for people who have trouble sleeping
  • easy to follow even if you’ve never meditated before
  • helps occasional and chronic sleeplessness
  • listen to a sample audio clip

CAUTION:“Self Help for Insomnia” is an educational site about adult insomnia & sleep deprivation. This site is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. The site provides general information that might not apply to your particular sleep problem.

If you have chronic trouble sleeping, talk to your doctor. Discuss this site’s information & CD with your doctor to decide what’s appropriate for you.

Be sure to read Chapter 2: Sleep Disorders & Other Medical Causes of Lack of Sleep.

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